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Learn How to Draw Anything with Confidence

Our Drawing Essentials Course will take you from complete beginner or frustrated veteran, to an accomplished and confident artist.  

Drawing Courses

Learn How to Create Fresh, Vibrant Watercolours

Get instant access to 7 watercolour painting courses covering everything from the absolute basics to landscapes, still life, portraits and more.


Watercolour Painting Courses

Discover the Magic of Acrylics

Get instant access to 5 acrylic painting courses that cover everything from getting started to landscapes, portraits, florals and more.

Acrylic Painting Courses

Create Stunning Pastel Artwork

Get instant access to 6 pastel painting courses that covering everything from the basics to subjects like landscapes, portraits, florals and more.

Pastel Painting Courses

Learn how to really use coloured pencils

Get instant access to 4  coloured pencils courses covering everything from the basics to subjects like landscapes, portraits and still life.

Coloured Pencil Courses

Become an Oil Painting Master

Instant access to 4 oils courses covering everything from the absolute basics to subjects like landscapes, still life, florals and more.

Oil Painting Courses

Unlimited access to ALL of our courses.

ArtTutor's courses give you the building blocks you need to draw and paint anything you like.  When you join, you get instant access to every single one of them.

Drawing & Painting Courses

Fresh inspiration & constant improvement with new Classes every month.

In each of our classes you'll learn how to paint a specific scene or composition from start to finish. You get access to our entire library of classes and we're adding new ones all the time.

Recent Classes

Share the art you make with people who are waiting to see it.

It doesn't matter what level you think you're art is at, when you share it with the ArtTutor community you'll only get positive support and a virtual pat on the back.

When you join ArtTutor you can

  • Store an unlimited amount of artwork in our online gallery
  • Receive kudos and critiques from other members
  • Be inspired by viewing the images of artists you admire
Whether or not you are a beginner or an artist of more experience, ArtTutor challenges and inspires and provides you with the techniques you need to make great art.
Christine, UK
I have taken lessons for years from local artists and I have to say that I have learned far more from Art Tutor! Love the fact that I can review lessons as many times as I need.
Donald, USA
I 'm trained as an Artist and Graphic Designer and I've recommended ArtTutor to many friends and family already. My membership is due and I'm definitely going to renew again.
Wendy, Canada
The courses and tutors are brilliant, even for beginners like me. I also benefit a lot from the feedback I get from other ArtTutor members, it's like one big family for creative souls!
Filip, Blegium
Video tutorials from great established artists, discussions and feedback of your own work... ArtTutor has given an artist like me everything I need!
Girish Bakhru
Thank you ArtTutor for ending my endless hours of searching the Net and books and setting me on the right path with excellent tutors and lessons all in one spot.
Ana, Australia
ArtTutor has been invaluable to me. I now have enough confidence to paint birthday cards for friends and relatives, as well as having the odd picture or two hanging on the wall.
John, UK
The lessons are very professional but also so easy to follow ArtTutor is definitely one of the best and most affordable art educational websites that I have come across.
Alice, Canada
I would recommend ArtTutor to anyone who is aspiring to improve their skills and learn new techniques. Well worth the money!
Ricky, USA
I highly recommend getting a membership to ArtTutor. My only complaint: I want to watch everything because it is so good and I sometimes don't have time!
April, USA
The best part of Art Tutor is that sometimes when I feel stuck, with no new ideas flowing, I just watch a few demos and get inspired again.
Eva Baxter
ArtTutor is one of the best investments I've made into my art work. The folks at AT have provided a unique, safe site to learn, grow and communicate with other artists.
Jackie, USA
ArtTutor is for me a source of information and inspiration. Whatever medium I want to work in or the subject I choose, there is always something on ArtTutor.
Ingrid, Spain
I absolutely love ArtTutor. It has been an invaluable resource in my art studies. Other options either were much more costly and didn’t offer all benefits that ArtTutor does.
Jo Ann, USA
My yearly cost for ArtTutor would pay for about 25% of one week-long workshop offered locally. I eagerly look forward to all ArtTutor has to offer in the future.
Kristine, USA
I could write pages about all the great things ArtTutor has bought into my life but the main thing is that my art work has greatly improved.
Anna, Turkey

The magic to becoming a better artist comes from connecting with others.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded artists gives you more inspiration, more confidence and more passion for making great art!

ArtTutor’s Groups allow you to

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  • Learn from more experienced artists
  • Get feedback on your latest drawing or painting

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